you may wish to read about hypnotherapy and spiritual guidance - for this reason
I am retaining my website at this point in time, if you like what you are
reading and you decide to have a session I recommend you book in with
another practitioner at this stage, there are many very good therapists working in this field.
Again, talk to them, check them out, before committing to an appointment, any good
therapist would welcome your detailed questions.

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Hypnotherapy explained

Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of hypnosis.   In Hypnosis we access and work with the subconscious mind or with the deeper levels of our conscious mind, discovering the real reasons for our behaviours or our difficulties.  This gives us the opportunity to influence or change those behaviours during the therapeutic session. Hypnosis is a powerful tool used by Hypnotherapists like myself to help people with their issues or to access their soul memory. 



As a hypnotherapist I am often asked by people if I do past life regression, or other spiritual healing work.  Yes I do - and I will continue to offer this kind of work for a few more years to come.  It can be a very powerful tool for healing and/or transformation. For anyone interested let me explain below what my personal thoughts are about these issues and what doing this work with me would involve.

About Past Life Regression and Spiritual Healing
(Spirit State Healing)

Hypnosis is the tool I use it to guide my clients through specific processes which allow them to access past life memories or the spirit realm.

During spirit state healing sessions people experience their pure spirit state and remember themselves as the immortal souls they are.  In that state people can access their innate wisdom and can put their human lives and everything in it into a broader perspective. As I gently guide them through this experience, people often report meeting spirit guides, angels or deceased loved ones who provide comfort, assistance or clarification. Some people discover their life’s purpose during these sessions, or they gain clarity and inner peace. Some are shown the lessons they are meant to learn. I keep notes or record these sessions, but people generally remember everything after they come out of hypnosis. You can also record sessions on your own device.

During past life regressions clients usually experience themselves in a different body, incarnate at a different point in time which their soul or spirit remembers.  Valuable lessons can be learned from observing their previous Selves dealing with a variety of situations, some good, some bad, some mundane, some enthralling. Healing can happen as people understand for the first time why they do what they do in this lifetime.

The journey of discovery and the gaining of awareness are wonderful and valuable things, but in addition I often guide clients through processes which allow healing to happen, so clients can move on in their lives. I keep notes or record these sessions, but people generally remember everything after they come out of hypnosis. You can also record sessions on your own device.

 Does it always work ?

No.  A small percentage of people cannot be hypnotised and some hypnotherapy sessions are not successful.  I cannot give an iron clad guarantee that it will work. Also - hypnosis is not a magic wand or cure all, some things need to be dealt with by other professionals or by a doctor (I will refer you in that case).

When it comes to spiritual work we sometimes need to accept that our spirit or our soul or our higher self knows best and that we may not be shown something if we are not ready to deal with it.  I believe people who seek this kind of awareness or the healing that this can bring are always ready and willing to take the next step on their journey. But it may be different to what we consciously expect.  Letting go of control is often part of the healing, the next step.  Accepting a higher purpose or wisdom without knowing exactly what it is can be the most powerful experience. 
I will always discuss your session with you at the end - to clarify, to consolidate, to complete, to let go, to heal.  This work can be extremely rewarding.

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About Me:

I believe in the person and not in their qualifications.  However, it's okay to
check this out.  For your information:  I've completed a university major in Psychology in 1988 and a Diploma in Hypnotherapy in 1994.  Since then I've undertaken further studies in Reiki, Thought Field Therapy, Prime Tuning and Muscle Testing (a kind of kinesiology), Energy balancing and Chakra cleansing, Meditation, Group Training Methods, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, NLP, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Grievance Counselling, Ericksonian Communication, Sports Hypnosis, Art Therapy and Soul  Collage, Health, Nutrition and Alternative Therapies,  Mindfulness in Therapy (this is a Buddhist philosophy) and Holographic Kinetics (an Aboriginal Healing Modality). There's been plenty more -  would have to go through my filing cabinet.

My work experience stretches across many boundaries.  Several years as conflict resolution
manager and grievance counsellor for the NSW Public Service in Sydney. There I also worked as a staff trainer, mediator, equal opportunity co-ordinator and change agent. I have had my Hypnotherapy practice since qualifying in 1994 and 
I was accredited as a counsellor with PACFA until recently - but I am retired (for now anyway). One does not forget what one knows simply because of retirement, therefore I may offer my services, albeit in a limited capacity, in the future. For now I will refer you to another hypnotherapist (at no charge of course) if I do not treat your issue.