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Spirit State Healing and Past Lives
I am an accredited hypnotherapist with extensive experience in conducting spiritual guidance and spirit state healing sessions. During these sessions you may experience yourself as pure spirit, ie when your immortal soul is not incarnate in a physical body. In this state my past clients have received spiritual guidance, answers to important questions, have met their spirit guides, have met departed loved ones and have resolved problems.

I learned from my clients that our immortal soul occupies a different physical body in each incarnation and that groups of souls meet again and again in different roles during many life times. I learned from my clients that we are ‘in spirit’ between our lives on earth and that we do experience ourselves as pure consciousness without a physical body before choosing to reincarnate. And best of all I was shown time and time again that in our present lifetime our soul retains a memory of these spirit states as well as remembering past incarnations. 

People who seek spiritual experiences like this are usually drawn to this kind of work for their very own personal reasons. Often they are seekers in search of meaning. Some have exhausted all other channels for healing to no avail, and some have exhausted all mental avenues in their quest for truth and are still left wanting. People who are drawn to this type of healing or exploration will usually be guided to the right therapist or healer at the right time. But even so, experiences like this cannot be forced or made to happen.  On some rare occasions people simply cannot access these soul memories or spirit states. This can be disappointing but it has to be accepted in the name of a higher truth.

Some people ask me if this work is the same as the work by Michael Newton which he calls "Life between Lives".  My work is quite similar, but it is not based on Michael Newton's or anyone's previous work. As all of this healing work springs from the same source there are quite a few similarities to be found, in the way the issues themselves manifest and in the processes followed by practitioners in this field. I myself have helped clients tap into universal spiritual wisdom and into their own inner knowing and/or healing powers long before I knew or read about other people's work in the field of past lives or spiritual healing. We are all part of the web of existence, we are all able to access spiritual wisdom. There are many ways of doing this - mine is just one method and the one I have chosen to work with.  I have called the process of working with people in the pure spirit state while under hypnosis 'Spirit State Healing'.

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