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Lennox Head near Byron Bay   NSW   (02) 66875239

I welcome inquiries and I am happy to talk to you on the phone
or answer an email inquiry from you before
you decide to make a booking or not

Hypnotherapy explained

Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of hypnosis.   In Hypnosis we access and work with the subconscious mind.  Hypnosis is a powerful tool used by Hypnotherapists like myself to help people heal or change.I have helped people lose weight, reduce alcohol, quit cigarettes, deal with eating disorders; deal with 'physical' issues such as pain and illness, manage anxiety and depression and achieve peace of mind, resolve problems such as behaviour patterns in relationships, let go of fears or phobias such as a fear of flying or performance anxiety.  I have helped people overcome blockages that either stopped them from succeeding (as in sport or academically) or prevented them from reaching their full potential. I love working with people who want to do past life regressions or spiritual healing work. The list could go on and on.  

The Hypnotherapy I use is advanced and high level and it incoporates aspects from many different modalities.  It is based on my extensive experience of counselling people for 25 years, doing hypnotherapy for more than 18 years, having a degree with a Psychology major and a number of qualifications such as a Diploma in Hypnotherapy (and more).

I try to keep the number of sessions you need to a minimum.  The first session is always an extended session lasting 1.5 hrs and quite a number of my clients have only ever needed one session.  However, when there is an addiction involved you may need two sessions, maybe three.  I keep the cost of my sessions relatively low so more people can afford to see me. I have concessions for people who are not in full employment.

We will discuss your needs and individual circumstances in the first session and agree on a program that will suit you. Sessions are a mix of hypnosis and counselling and are tailored for every person, because everyone is different.

As people have different life styles, requirements and personalities I am trying to be flexible when it comes to agreeing on a treatment program. If due to time constraints, personal choice or family commitments you prefer to have shorter but more frequent appointments we may be able to arrange that.  I also see people on weekends and after hours.

If you are here on vacation for a short time you may find that just one hypnotherapy session can get things sorted out for you and get you back on track.  If you then want to do some follow-up with a practitioner back home I may be able to recommend someone.

Below I will answer some of the questions I am often asked.

What does a typical session cost ?

The first appointment is usually 1.5 hours long, it includes the assessment interview. The cost of this extended session is $120 (valid July 2012).

Subsequent sessions are standard sessions of just over 1 hour duration, the cost of a standard session is $100.

There are 'top-up' sessions available costing $70, if taken within a few months of your last appointment.

Past life regression or spiritual healing using hypnosis usually takes 2 hours or more and the fee is $160.  Sessions can be recorded.

I make every reasonable effort to make hypnotherapy affordable for people who are not in full employment or who are pensioners.  Please let me know beforehand if you require a concession.


Can I get a Health Fund rebate and how about Medicare ?

Many Health Funds now pay for Hypnotherapy treatments if the therapist is an accredited clinical member of a recognised body, such as the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) or the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) or the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). Check with your health fund - you may be covered for hypnotherapy. Several major Health Funds have recently changed their policies to include rebates for hypnotherapy by accredited practitioners. Others have been offering these rebates for some time. I think the reasons for the recent changes are that a) health funds now recognise the high standard of those accredited hypnotherapists, b) more and more research is proving the efficacy of hypnotherapy, c) there is now an increased need and awareness of healing modalities that provide preventative measures, treat the whole person, and have no side effects.

At this point in time there is no Medicare rebate for my services.


How qualified are you ?

I am an accredited clinical member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA), the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) and in addition I am on the register of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA). In order to be registered or accredited a practitioner has to be highly qualified and experienced, be insured, has to fulfill very strict assessment criteria and has to maintain this standard in order to receive annual accreditation or registration.


Is there something you do not treat ?

Many hypnotherapists treat the full range of issues and problems, but we also tend to have certain areas we specialise in.  My particular specialities are emotional healing, spiritual healing, phobias and fears, anxiety, depression, confidence and performance, relationships and sexual issues, quit smoking, eating disorders and weight loss.

I do not treat children as I have specialised in treating adults - I could recommend other hypnotherapists in the area if you wish to treat a child or young teen. Children respond extremely well to hypnotherapy.

Here are email links to other hypnotherapist in the area who treat children, more links will be added soon:                 Lismore          Murwillumbah             Gold Coast

Here is a link to a hypnotherapist in Melbourne, Jenni Horner


How effective is Hypnotherapy ?

Three Examples

1. Quit smoking

A meta-analysis published in the New Scientist Oct 1992, where 600 studies were compared covering about 71000 people, showed that hypnosis was the best method to quit out of 15 methods that were compared.
look at for this study

A study headlined " Hypnotherapy Outperforms Other Treatment Approaches for Smoking Cessation" was released in October 2007 by the American College of Chest Physicians. It showed that of hospitalized smokers who received hypnotherapy 50% were still smoke free after six months.

 2. Physical conditions and chronic illnesses

There is research which demonstrates clear benefits in treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Hypnotherapy in addition to the more conventional treatment.  Other physical conditions can also respond well to hypnosis as an adjunct to  more conventional treatment and healing can sometimes be greatly enhanced and accelerated and side effects and pain reduced.  Even if a full recovery is not possible, symptoms can often be greatly relieved. Hypnotherapy can support the body to heal itself (as intended by nature), can improve wellbeing and quality of life, and can complement or accompany orthodox medical treatments (without having to choose between the two). I advocate using the best of both worlds. You can support your body's natural ability to heal, strengthen your immune system and reduce pain with the help of hypnotherapy.

 3. Performance

There is hardly a top athlete these days who does not use Mind over Matter techniques. It doesn't matter whether it is called Visualisation, or Meditation, or Motivation, or Self Hypnosis - the results usually speak for themselves.



The Process

Let me explain what you can expect to happen when you have your hypnosis sessions with me.

We will agree on a Treatment Program:

Treatment programs may involve 2 - 3 sessions spaced approximately one week apart, some issues require only one session.  I will let you know at the beginning how many sessions might be needed to deal with your issue. 

In the first session we discuss your needs and your issue in detail and we agree on a treatment program before we proceed with the hypnosis and/or the counselling part. Sessions are not based on a strict time limit, however, first sessions are usually 1.5 hours long. 

Session two is usually one week later. There we build on what happened in session one, reinforcing and fine tuning the changes that have already occurred and also providing effective support during the initial phase of greater change. Session two lasts approximately one hour.

The third session a week or two later reinforces and cements the successful changes. There is a focus on taking charge of your life, using your new tools effectively, empowering and preparing yourself for your new future and getting used to living your life differently.

Shorter top-up or follow-up sessions are also available, as long as they are taken within a reasonable time frame (ie a few months) after conclusion of the treatment program and are related to the original issue you came to see me about.

How does it work ?

To help you into the hypnotic state I use breathing and relaxation exercises. There are no gimmicks or weird experiences or magic wands, hypnosis will feel quite pleasant and somewhat normal to you. It is a slightly altered state of awareness where your thinking or analytical mind takes a back seat for a while and allows other aspects of your Self to come forward so we can work with those.  These other aspects or layers of the Self are usually referred to as the 'subconscious'.  To illustrate what I mean - think about when you last drove your car and you got to your destination not remembering much of the journey. People slip into altered states of awareness
quite easily and often without trying. In the hypnotherapy session I assist you to get into this state deliberately and we control the duration and what we do in that time. It is not like sleep and you will remember everything, you also remain in control because your conscious mind is still watching everything, even if it's not 'in charge' it's still present. You could simply stop the session if you didn't like something that was happening. Hypnosis helps the mind to enter a particularly relaxed or perceptive mode, but you remain in control. People often worry about stage hypnosis.  This is entertainment and it is NOT hypnotherapy. It is an end onto itself (entertainment) and not a means to achieve something (ie healing). People who participate in stage hypnosis look as if they are not in control, but in reality they have volunteered to go along with all the hocus pocus there.  If they really didn't want to do those silly things in front of an audience no one could make them do it.

A small percentage of people cannot be hypnotised and some hypnotherapy sessions are not successful.  I cannot give you an iron clad guarantee that it will work every time.  But usually, when someone is ready for change, having hypnosis can make the difference between success and failure.  It makes it possible for you to make the changes that you want to make, often easily and almost automatically, as it works on the deeper levels where our behaviour usually originates.  Hypnosis is not a magic wand or cure all, some things need to be dealt with by other professionals or by a doctor (I will refer you in that case).

Hypnosis can support other therapies or orthodox treatments by doctors, psychologists and by other natural health practitioners such as naturopaths. It can help people stick to a certain diet (as for diabetics or IBS sufferers for example), to find the motivation to exercise or to follow a prescribed treatment. It can assist with effective pain control, reduce discomfort and assist other treatments in many ways. Even better - applied properly and by a qualified practitioner it has no unwanted side effects.  Doctors often suggest to patients to quit smoking or to lose weight.  Hypnosis works really well for weight loss; and it was also found to be the most effective method for smoking cessation out of 15 different methods that were compared in a meta analysis and written up in New Scientist.

There is nothing new age or 'new' about hypnosis (psychologists and even dentists have been using it for a long time) and used responsibly and by a qualified therapist it is a highly effective and relatively fast tool for healing and change. 

About Me:

I believe in the person and not in their qualifications.  However, it's okay to
check this out.  For your information:  I've completed a university major in Psychology in 1988 and a Diploma in Hypnotherapy in 1994.  Since then I've undertaken further studies in Reiki, Thought Field Therapy, Prime Tuning and Muscle Testing (a kind of kinesiology), Energy balancing and Chakra cleansing, Meditation, Group Training Methods, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, NLP, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Grievance Counselling, Ericksonian Communication, Sports Hypnosis, Art Therapy and Soul  Collage, Health, Nutrition and Alternative Therapies,  Mindfulness in Therapy (this is a Buddhist philosophy) and Holographic Kinetics (an Aboriginal Healing Modality). There's been plenty more -  would have to go through my filing cabinet.

My work experience stretches across many boundaries.  Several years as conflict
manager and grievance counsellor for the NSW Public Service in Sydney.There I also worked as a staff trainer, mediator, equal opportunity co-ordinator and change agent. I've been a Hypnotherapist since 1994 and am fully accredited with the AHA (Australian Hypnotherapists' Association) and the ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society). I am on the Register of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) as a counsellor.

I personally welcome clients who ask a lot of questions before making a booking. I probably could not help a person who doesn't relate to me at all and could not relax as a result of it. Thankfully this is very rare. I have specialised over time in certain areas and will refer you to another hypnotherapist (at no charge of course) if I do not treat your issue.

If you are interested in a session please contact me on 
02 66 875239

or send an email to hypnosis at kopping dot com

Sometimes I can see you at short notice and I do work flexible hours. So if you are here on holidays - give me a call. You'll be amazed what you can achieve and change in just one hypnosis session.  And if you do require follow up treatment when you return home I can probably recommend a hypnotherapist near you.

Fees (effective July 2012)

First session: A$120 for a 1.5 hr hypnotherapy/counselling session
Subsequent sessions: A$100 for a 1 hr hypnotherapy/counselling session

Top-up/follow-up sessions: A$70 for optional short sessions taken within a few months after the conclusion of the treatment program




Due to the fact that I am an experienced hypnotherapist with an open mind and openly expressed spiritual beliefs, people often ask me if I do past life regression, or other spiritual healing work. 
Yes I do - and I love doing this kind of work.  For anyone interested let me explain below what my personal thoughts are about these issues and what doing this work with me would involve.

About Past Life Regression and Spiritual Healing (Spirit State Healing)

Hypnosis is the tool I use it to guide my clients through specific processes which allow them to access past life memories or the spirit realm.

During spirit state healing sessions people experience their pure spirit state and remember themselves as the immortal souls they are.  In that state people can access their innate wisdom and can put their human lives and everything in it into a broader perspective. As I gently guide them through this experience, people often report meeting spirit guides, angels or deceased loved ones who provide comfort, assistance or clarification. Some people discover their life’s purpose during these sessions, or they gain clarity and inner peace. Some are shown the lessons they are meant to learn. I keep notes or record these sessions, but people generally remember everything after they come out of hypnosis. A CD of the session can be sent in the mail for an extra small fee.

During past life regressions clients usually experience themselves in a different body, incarnate at a different point in time which their soul or spirit remembers.  Valuable lessons can be learned from observing their previous Selves dealing with a variety of situations, some good, some bad, some mundane, some enthralling. Healing can happen as people understand for the first time why they do what they do in this lifetime.

The journey of discovery and the gaining of awareness are wonderful and valuable things, but in addition I often guide clients through processes which allow healing to happen, so clients can move on in their lives. I keep notes or record these sessions, but people generally remember everything after they come out of hypnosis. A CD of the session can be sent in the mail for a small extra fee.

For more detailed information on Spirit State Healing and Past Life Regression Therapy and the cost go to the relevant page by clicking here